Cayoosh Redemption Trip – New Years

Cayoosh Redemption Trip – New Years

Splitboarding into The New Year.

Cayoosh has been a piece of eye candy for me since one of our first trips up the Duffy lake area looking across from Rohr ridge.  It’s a scraggly rock from a far and a difficult area to read up close, as we found a few weeks before in a 4 hour suffer fest.  This trip was going to be different, previous experience and a friendly laid skin track to the top means not relying on my poor understanding of distance and time on a map.

With our standard late start on day one we let Jake set the pace at run while we chased him up the 4k skin through the valley.  The thin valleys and wealth of riding terrain begs for seasons of exploration but with just two days in us of wet boots, freezing gear and van camping we had to make the best of the time left.  we settled on a shortened Ottoman lap of mostly untouched mushrooms of snow sprinkled with the surprise of a avalanche cookie near the top that would send me a dizzying ride.  After resetting the last few zigs and zags to a comfortable with over spot we reaped our harvest and tossed buckets of snow everywhere, it was a good into for the day to come.

One would think treating the van like a mobile slope side condo would get us on skins by 9 but the entropy of time after thawing, cooking, coming to terms with nothing being dry let alone thawed left us with a toe numbing 10am.  Once the train got moving we made a good pace past yesterday’s lines and up Cayoosh.

With only one minor route mistake and some great fails on splitskiing with skins on i was cold handed again and ready to push.  The group we passed had claimed it was -16 in the valley and only -4 in the sun, so I was keen to get back into the sun for lunch and frozen Camelbak struggles.  After the regathering and confirmation the group was good to push on we were ready to leave the sun which only meant we were on the final third push up the glacier which came with mostly awe and jaw dropping views and a under appreciation for technical apparel as my pace turned more into an excited jog to the top at the very end.

After a quick layering and swap over it was time to take in the views and relax for the descent.  The Armchair glacier offered some of the better snow of the season so far and put to rest of the “why the fuck am i still doing this” conversation from the last few trips as we had finally won more than we lost in a day. As for a lesson in splitboarding, thats the price of exploration, got to be willing to kill a few days getting orientated sometimes.

This was the first in long time that half way down felt like a long ride and the second half would seem to go on forever in the valley bobsled run and fight through dense shrubbery.









Once the final inch could be squeeze of riding through the valley we swapped over for the humbling exit and full moon show.

With little energy left and nothing all that dry we found a happy dog and a dead car battery waiting for us.  solving that issue is never fun but getting into a warm car and finding a large burger and beer was an absolute priority.  Fortunately Mile One in Pemberton has always been there for us in type of need and even on the new years holiday they proved a best choice for indoor heat, beer and even poutine.

It was brought to my attention this trip that you have roughly 8000 usable hours a year and although I wasted a ton of them in all sorts of directions, I also burned a few of them making memories that may last a lifetime, thanks 2017 for ending on a higher note than beginning.