Anniversary week – Gambier Island

Anniversary week – Gambier Island

 First year wedding anniversary

It’s crazy to think what we’ve been through in our first year of marriage.  Literally a year ago we had maybe been on a sailboat once or twice but certainly weren’t considering entering the sailing world let alone living on one.  But fast forward a year and here we are and loving it but oh boy have we learned a lot. Of course to celebrate our one year we had to try to get the boat out but not without informing the cult leaders to stay by there phones, because with our track record, we were ready for anything.

After a bit of planning, we decided to move the boat the night before during slack tide into a slip that is actually possible to leave at the opportune time.  Getting out the river in good time means a strong current, which is not the time to leave our slip, so our foresight worked! We moved the boat successfully,

left around 7am, and got out the river in record time.

We were extra stoked to get the sails up and cruised directly towards our desired destination, which at the time was Bowen Island.  Sails up, motor off, sun out, cruising at 5.2 knots in the exact direction we needed to be, we were feeling like we actually were getting the hang of this sailing thing.

Jake’s favourite spot is usually between our feet but we got him to hang out in his Jake taco for a bit.

It is definitely trial and error for our sail configuration attempts.  Certainly not racing anytime soon but we had a comfortable sail all the way up to just into the channel between West Van and Bowen Island.

It’d been a goal to make it north of Vancouver and the view surely did not disappoint.

We decided to push further north to Gambier Island after realizing we were well ahead of schedule and the anchorage didn’t sound quite as nice as Halkett Bay.  We dropped anchor just after 1pm after a very relaxing sail up.

Safe to say the biggest catastrophe that occurred during the week was seconds after the photo below was taken when Ben dropped most of our beautiful anniversary dinner into the ocean…

So mac-n-cheese it was!

Island exploring was pretty Jurassic.

I couldn’t resist testing out my new Iphone 7’s camera, not too bad.

Hiking to beautiful views.

I promise sandy beaches do exist in BC, we just haven’t ended up at any of them yet.

Plenty of things to make us feel artsy with the camera.

Halkett Bay is a pretty rad place to wake up.  Our morning commute…

Not much goes better with your morning cup of coffee than more island exploring.

Anchor photos of our boat never get old.

Aside from a Bald eagle just after getting gas, a few seals along the way, and these deer on the side of the mountain, this trip didn’t offer the best for wildlife viewing. Oh wait, we did see a pod of dolphins/porpoises (not sure how to tell the difference from their fins) on the way across the straight.

Not a ton of wind for the way home but makes for calm seas and a smooth motor home.

The two day trip was brief but massively successful. It truly was the perfect was to spend our first anniversary, reminiscing on past adventures and dreaming of our next. We still are in disbelief it went so well. A trip that actually went as planned? Perhaps we are getting closer to being able to take friends along…