The Slumber Queen Visits Rogers Pass

The Slumber Queen Visits Rogers Pass

With a full tank and no plan the Slumber Queen had her first long haul trip and saw the winds of Wyoming, mile high city and rural Idaho gas stations. Heather’s Ph.D. was freshly defended and obligations manageable from the road we opened our schedule to the open road.  With an open schedule and a home on wheels, deciding the right adventure takes a lot of consideration.  On one hand, summit county has a history, snow was looking good but the crowds the week after Christmas, we had to skip that.  Utah, Idaho, Oregon and Washington routes have a lot to offer and as well as an easier grade for the Slumber Queen but still, we couldn’t commit.  We had just proven the slumber queen can do Teton pass and we had been snubbed on our last trip to Rogers pass.  so we took the time after the holiday to revisit an old adventure with a few new goals and outlooks, mostly an RV with heat.  Nick has a way of finding himself in our better adventures and once again we timed a new years seclusion trip well.  Rogers pass is far from anything, we stockpiled up in the eastern closest town of Golden, where we were told the RV was not suitable for the road and got a wonderful breakfast but still, I win.

RV held up traffic all the way to the top, even continuing momentum up switchback and hairpin turns, all to our excitement and sometimes surprise.  allowed 3 nights now at the top of snowing rogers pass was a privilege and instantly the first place we had to shovel the Slumber Queen free from the parking lot.  I’m embarrassed to say, I got her stuck but I’m happy to report, despite the offering helpers, she got herself free with a little digging under the axles.  I learned a small lesson in weight distribution, reverse and how to dig a hole.  Once we had ramming speed and a plan of where to park, she could be stuck for the next three days, didn’t matter to us, that’s tomorrows problem.  Now that our travel problems were solved for a few days, time to relax and plan.  We have an area at the end of Balu Pass we enjoy for a scope day and nice safer terrain with a view while we shake off 3 days of travel and get our feel for the snow pack.  In this case, Video peak is a short open face we had fallen short on before making it the prime objective for new years eve.  We tend to shy away from pioneering lines when traveling to often, so it was a welcomed sight to have a few tracks already laid as well as a skin track to the top, RV legs are not ready for blazing trail.  The peak is amply named and lines up easy for video, so take a look. Warning, extreme recreation was had with incredible amateur follow caming. this video may contain brakes between awesome turns, b role footage, smiles and high fives with low enthusiasm for stoke level.

Some of the shots from the video include, Ursa minor arm, some hospital gullies and misc survival fun.  Overall Rogers Pass discovery center is a nice place to park your home for a few nights, provided your heater works.

Some places in Idaho are extremely rural and the Slumber Queen has an extremely small tank for a large state with a mean cross wind.  They also found somehow expanded our 14-15 gallon maximum tank to 19 gallons, hmm.

See, I have a plan, I’m just bad at sticking to it.

Jake and I think remote work is cool and all but its time to play.

There are only a few places to cross this stream, it also offers a nice picture.

The camera has a great way of chasing away the sun, but it was there, we saw things.

After a few stuck poles, some skin fights and a come to reminder while skins should go all the way to the edge of your board we made it.

I felt old for the first few days, or gangster,I leaned a lot to the left.

Hey look, more gray areas and smiles.  Most of life is better done than shown but if it your didn’t get a photo it didn’t happen, modern Catch22.

A little bit of I’m OK, it was only a scare, and that was rowdier than expected

Sometimes its best to take the highroad and in this case, enter the freeway as full send, nicely done Heather.

Luckily the brakes still work but your tossing up a lot of smoke, may get that checked out.

I told you the sun came out and we saw thing.

Old School powder harvesters hate me.

Nick gets a nice bit of the sunshine.

It’s fun watching the serpent dissipate as the cold smoke settles.

There weren’t to many bad turns once the boards went together.

yeah, not as much struggle as usual, we look mildly hydrated, almost warm and maybe enthusiastic.

New Years – January 2019