Tour de judging January 2019

Tour de judging January 2019

After we got back from our Colorado trip, we found ourselves shortly back on the road as January was dedicated to driving the Slumber Queen to judge some local snowboard contests. We started off judging the BCSA event in Whistler, BC.

Heather couldn’t resist testing the contest jumps out.

We had five days between the first two events so the Duffey was an easy choice for our first stop.

The Cayoosh parking lot is one of the darkest and quietest we stayed at all winter.

It’s rare not to see a single cloud in the sky in BC in January but we lucked out. We had the mountains to ourselves, which gave us first tracks down a relatively mellow run, lazy boy. Oh the benefits of touring on a Monday.

After a beautiful day and first tracks near Cayoosh, it was decided we could squeeze in a quick stop to Rogers Pass before reaching Big White for the next event.

Ben at the top of STS couloir

This time at Rogers did not end up being the sunniest, but did check a few big boxes off our ride list. The snow was stable and our sights were high. STS couloir was a line that caught our eyes the very first time we trekked back on Balu pass so we were extra hyped to drop in.

A common view from Heather’s point of view
Heather riding down STS couloir

The snow wasn’t the softest in STS but the stability was confidence building so we’ll take it for our first time down and keep it on the list to be conquered again, which to our surprise ended up being later in the season.

Day two on Rogers started out as a brute of a skin that turned into an even gnarlier boot pack but all the lights stayed green and we lined up for another couloir we have stared since we first came to the pass, this time it was off Ursa Minor peak.

The clouds were in and out all day and rolled in a bit more towards the drop in but did not hinder the straight shot to the car; 5+ hours up for less than a 20 minute ride down would make for one of the highlight lines of the year.

So far the rest stop right outside Revelstoke is our favourite.

Tired and satisfied, we headed to Big White for a successful BCSA event then headed straight to Sun Peaks to kick of the Air Nations tour. The Slumber continues to impress us.

Heather riding the mini park above the contest after judging.